The individual is a work in progress. There's always something more you strive towards, ever seeking, ever longing for that mystery you can't quite grasp in your fingers. It's always there though. That loving embrace, drawing you near in your darkest hours and lifting you up in your greatest joys. You feel it without seeing or touching it. You believe in it beyond any reasoning. Yet you know, without a doubt, that there's something more. You see the suffering in your life, in all lives all around you. You wonder why. You wonder how you can change it. What power could you possibly have to stop the cruel cataclysm of society? You struggle to find balance, desperately grasping for air as you drown in the chaos that forms in your mind. And then you hear it. A tiny voice from inside after years of silence. A voice telling you that you are more than the lies you have believed. And the tiny voice becomes louder, until it is so loud that you can no longer ignore it. You must stop everything and listen. And then you surrender and from it a new journey begins. A journey into the heart. And once you begin, you finally understand. All the past, all the pain, all the connections, you see it all. And nothing will ever be the same again.